Natalia Bustamante- Nepal

Not too long ago, my mother told me that her life long dream is to travel to India. She has wished for this for many, many years. She says that it is a struggle to pack your belongings, pack your life long memories and travel across the world, specially with three children. So my mother has not come across the opportunity to travel. Not like I will. It became my dream also, to travel the world, visit places I never dreamed I’d see personally, only in movies or photographs. I made it my goal that because of my mother’s wishes and her love for life that I myself would leave the country and travel. I am just as surprised and thrilled as she is that it will be this soon. I never imaged I’d have the opportunity to make this dream a reality so soon after graduating from ECSU.
Everything about this trip will change not only my life but the lives of the other students who are making this journey. We are going to experience a culture unfamiliar to us, see things we have never and may never see again, the people, the culture, the signs, the food, the ground, the dirt which we will walk on even the air will be different. Even if I only gain the knowledge that the world is slightly bigger than the four corners of Connecticut it will be worth every cent and some. This is unlikely of course I am leaving my mind so open so that when I look out I will be overwhelmed and the world will rush in. I am excited to tell the stories, see the people and experience something few others get to do. When we arrive if we are awestruck and marvel at something we will learn to change our lives to become more fulfilling, if we arrive and are shocked to see the way others live so simplistically and humble we will learn to become eternally grateful for our circumstances. It will be a learning experience like no other, it does not matter how many classes, degrees and books you have read if you have not travelled the world. The world really is a book and if you only stay at home, you only read one page.
Blessings, kind thoughts and exciting adventures will follow all of us on our trip!

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One Response to Natalia Bustamante- Nepal

  1. Carol O says:

    “The world really is a book and if you only stay at home, you only read one page.”

    What a great thought! šŸ™‚

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