Anxiously Awaiting – Jaclyn Dougan

The trip is finally here! I have just finished my packing and preparing myself for the trip. In the past week I have learned so much, not only about Nepal but also about the purpose of health psychology and the meaning of the trip.

I am a sociology major and hope to become more involved with volunteering at a  sexual assault/domestic violence agency in my town. I hope to have a career one day helping people with similar issues. When I heard about this trip I thought it would be a unique experience that dealt with some of the same issues as the local agency I will be volunteering at. I knew I must take advantage of it and proceeded to go though the sign up process and and thankful I did.

I have always wanted to travel, the furthest I have been is Florida so this will be a drastic change, yet one I am anxiously awaiting. I have been learning so much about Nepalese culture yet I still have no idea what to expect and that is one of the most exciting things about it. I am looking forward to immersing myself in a culture very different then my own. Staying within my comfort zone is something I know all to well and am ready to change that. I am looking forward to seeing the way others live and being in a new environment. Nepal is rich in culture and seems to have eclectic characteristics that I can not wait to learn more about. I am looking forward to every aspect and detail of the trip, meeting the people, the sights I will see, even the 15 hour plane ride. It will all make for one memorable trip.

I am very thankful that I am able to be a part of this amazing opportunity, I believe it will be a life changing learning experience. We have a great group going and I hope you all are just as excited!

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One Response to Anxiously Awaiting – Jaclyn Dougan

  1. Jacqueline Dougan says:

    How was the flight? I am so excited for you.
    Love Gram

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