Melissa Griffin- pre-Himalayan Journey

It is 1am the day we depart for India. For some reason or another I am sitting in a hotel room in Chicago praying that Buddha allows me to arrive in New York on time to meet my Nepal traveling partners. We had all these difficulties in the beginning, middle, and end stages of planning this trip, so what’s one more road block for me? Everything has fallen into place thus far, so I decided I cannot let my current flight troubles screw with my optimism.

I decided to go on this Nepal trip a few months ago after reading an inspiring book and watching some eye-opening documentaries on women suppression. Some of the experiences that stood out most to me were those of sex trafficking victims in Nepal, India, and China. I thought there must be something I can do. Can I relate any part of my psychology career to this heart breaking issue? As I continued thinking about it for a few days I slapped myself on the head and said, “Missy, Dr. Escoto is taking students to Nepal this summer. DUH!”
I had known about this trip for a couple months at that point and a deadline had already passed. I spoke to Dr. Escoto and fortunately he told me those deadlines didn’t really mean anything and I could totally be a part of this trip.
So, a few months later here I am sitting in a Chicago hotel room with less than 15 hours until departure..
Will I make it? I thought there was no way I would miss my 9:30pm flight to Hartford tonight because I am meant to be in India the following day. Then I missed that flight and somehow managed to get on the first Hartford flight out of Chicago Monday morning. I also met the most helpful people along the way and have the greatest friends who are making sure my suitcase is packed and my documents are completed and I will arrive in New York to meet my traveling buddies sometime this afternoon.
Until then I must manage a few hours of sleep.

See you tomorrow!

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