Natalie Creem – Nepal

I am a senior at ECSU and am extremely excited to travel to Nepal. I’m a psychology major and have leaned so much in my three years at ECSU, but nothing can compare to seeing and experiencing things in another country. The moment I received an email saying this trip was happening I knew I wanted to be a part of it. Most of my travel has been for vacation, although I did take an educational trip in high school to Costa Rica, which was absolutely amazing. After that trip I knew I wanted to take more educational trips and learn and understand more about different places. I was thinking of doing a semester abroad, but the thought of being away for four to six months made me nauseous. This trip to Nepal is just the right amount of time where I can travel across the world and learn without spending months away from home. During our one week course before this trip I have learned so much about Nepal and its culture. I am excited to learn more about Nepalese culture and experience a totally different way of life then I am used to. I am going to be totally out of my comfort zone, but am eager to learn and become more comfortable with new surroundings. We have so many amazing things planned and I must give GREAT applaud to Dr. Escoto for putting this trip together and doing a fantastic job! We are also very fortunate to have Profesor Pfau with us to help in our educational experience. I know this will be a trip of a lifetime and I am so happy to be a part of it. This trip will be a life changing experience and I know I will come back with a new perspective on life.

Nepal is sandwiched between China and India. Nepal is slightly larger than Bangladesh or the state of Arkansas. There are three regions called the Hill, Mountain and Tarai. Nepal is divided in three major river systems from east to west called the Kosi, Narayani, and Karnali rivers. Nepal has a great variation in climate depending on the region. Nepal is aobut 650 kilometers ling and about 200 kilometers wide. It has a total of 147,181 square kilometers of land. Nepal is landlocked, which means it is surrounded by land and has no water access. It is difficult to import things and they are very dependent on India. Nepal contains eight of the world’s ten highest peaks, including Mount Everest.

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  1. That’s an all around amazingly written blog post.

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