Stacee Hansen – Nepal Trip.

I remember the day that I received the email about the trip. I have always told myself that I wanted to travel abroad during my college career. Well nothing like waiting until the last minute. I happily marched across that stage at the XL center on May 22nd and now I have the opportunity to tie up the end of my time spent with Eastern with a trip to Nepal. I have never really left the country other than to “vacation” in Cancun awhile back. I very excited about this trip. I am anxious and very excited about the all of the sights, smells and experiences I will be exposed to. I look forward to meeting the women at the shelter and experiencing the Nepalese culture. I’ve done some reading about the culture, in order to prepare myself but I do not think reading about it will do it justice.

This is a trip of a lifetime and I am truly blessed to be able to go. I look forward to experiencing this with all of the other students attending. This will bond us, I’m sure, for a life time. I hope everyone is just as excited as I am.


Tomorrow is the beginning of something spectacular, I’m sure.

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2 Responses to Stacee Hansen – Nepal Trip.

  1. Christine Chalifoux says:

    Stacee, I hope all is well and I can’t wait to here about your adventure…I hope it is everything you expected and more. Not missing much in CT…We had thunderstorms today…and MA had a tornado touchdown…don’t worry not near Boston! Love ya. Christine…P.S. Nick got your card today. 🙂

    • PSY 460 says:


      I just realized that you guys commented on the blog! It is beautiful here! I heard about the comment and the first thing I said was it in Framingham? It is very hot here and I miss you guys. I’m glad that Nick got my card, hopefully you didn’t cry. I may have teared up a little while I was writing it! I’ll stop by and show you pictures! I will also be back on June 18th for Nick’s gymnastics.

      Love ya too.

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