Carlos Escoto- First Day in Kathmandu after the Flight to Delhi

We arrived in Kathmandu and were met by our host college and Geeta. Our flight was long but the service was great (except for the seats which were a little uncomfortable). We had 2 hot meals and a snack with real silverware. I have not seen that on an airplane in a looong time. Delhi was 107 degrees and the traffic was “interesting” to say the least.

Amazing views of the Himalayas peeking above the clouds during our landing. Our hotel is amazing and the students had Indian food for lunch. It has been quite an experience watching the students faces as we explored a shopping district and they haggled for lower prices. Most everyone purchased at least one item.

Tomorrow we have a yoga class at 6:50 am followed by breakfast and a reception at our host college (Little Angels) and in the evening a cultural show and dinner.

We are having some internet issues. However, we are hoping to have everyone posting to the blog tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Carlos Escoto- First Day in Kathmandu after the Flight to Delhi

  1. Nancy Miller says:

    SUPER !!!! We actually received an e-mail from Sydney this morning. I could FEEL her excitement ! Looking forward to following her progress through the blog site and whatever e-mails we can receive from her.

  2. joan johnson says:

    thankyou for the information. i hope everyone continues to have a wonderful time.

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