Nepal so far!- Jaclyn Dougan

We have made it to Nepal after staying a night in New Delhi India! Although only in India for a short time it was still quite an experience. After a short lived night in India we then had an hour and a half flight to Kathmandu. The flight in itself was an experience, the views were phenomenal, from one view of the plane you could see the beautiful mountains and from the other you could see the extreme over populated build up of houses and buildings, what we experienced later that day. Coming out of the airport was unexplainable, I felt like a child who is interested in everything they see around them. Later that day, after settling down at the beautiful hotel we went out to do some shopping and get a taste of what the culture is like. When we arrived people where everywhere. There were people selling things such as beaded tapestry’s, tea, bags, an eclectic group of things in all directions. Walking through the streets I noticed all of the different smells from the spices used to cook to the smell of burning incense. Color lined the streets whether it be in a woman’s sari or the fabric being sold in the vendors along the street. Just walking around watching the people go about there daily life was so interesting.It was so nice to be walking around and actually being able to see what life is like on a day to day basis for people here. The people here are very kind and seem to have big hearts.Although I have only been here for a short amount of time I have grew so fond of everything around. It is amazing how much I am learning here.I want to take everything in, I have had to download by photos twice already to clear my memory card because I have not stopped taking pictures.
Today we were graciously welcomed to Little Angles College are host school here in Kathmandu, as we got out of the van we were greeted by some faculty members and a line of the beautiful young girls dressed in saris, lining all the way down the hall as we passed by them. It was followed by a few speakers, cultural dances and lunch. The people have greeted us here with such respect, it is a beautiful college and the people are so genuine. Later on we will be going on a tour of the school and visiting an old palace.

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