New Delhi, Kathmandu and Little Angels College

After a long 12.5hour flight we land in Delhi, India. The mere fact that our plane is sitting on Indian soil is wild.
I was in awe the whole flight the Indian stewardesses were their uniforms which are black and red sarees. Adorned in beautiful black eyeliner, their hair is all pinned back, even in the most humid weather they look as fresh and beautiful as they did at the beginning of our flight. The people on board are headed where we are. They are all dressed in customary clothing and look beautiful. The sun rose and set within the same flight, all within hours of each other, talk about jet lag. The endless flight ends and in retrospect seems short. We go through customs, security and get our bags. The airport is air conditioned a false sense of cool before we step into the outside doors of the airport. The air is instantly drying, your skin sweats in anticipation of the extreme heat the air is stagnant and there 100’s of people right outside of the airport, some working some leaving for a flight, some arriving and many taxi cab drivers awaiting a possible customer.
We all pack in a cab, sticky and hot. We are wearing jeans, long pants, sneakers and after a flight so long we are all in desperate need of a shower. We are off to our hotel Lohias, located on what appeared to be a one way street that our driver was driving against traffic in. The streets are buzzing, filled with people walking, some on bikes, some on motorcycles, scooters, small compact cars, buses and taxis. The traffic is clustered people flying in an out of lanes, the traffic lights and street lines are only a suggestion in a city as over populated as Delhi. We get to the hotel, barely. Some of us enjoyed the chaotic traffic others were terrified, all in all driving in Delhi is an experience like no other. When we arrive to the hotel we eat, sleep and board yet another plane to our intended destination. While flying over Nepal, me and Jaclyn are in awe of the beauty, the scenery, the sky everything and we haven’t even landed yet. We get to the airport and are greeted with a Namaste. Immediately we take notice of the gorgeous weather in Nepal, it is sunny but the air is cool, a breeze blowing from the mountains. We take a bus to the actual entrance of the airport. I start to take notice of how simple and beautiful the airport is, there are adorned mirrors hanging on each support system column in the airport. A Welcome to Nepal sign greets us and I take notice of a Buddhist Monk, wearing red and yellow. I am amazed and surprised to see one in the airport but also glad. We trade our money and are yet again impressed at how beautiful and lovely their money is, when we exchanged our money $1 US dollar is equal to 70 Nepalese Rupees. I exchanged $200 dollars and received 1,000 of Rupees back. Again I am shocked while in India a meal of Butter Nan, Masala peas and mushrooms and a mango juice cost 210 Rupees. This is approximately $5 US dollars. Oh, the Rupees in India are worth more than Nepalese Rupees. Although this seems incredibly inexpensive this would take the average person working in India a day and a half of work to pay for my meal.

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