Sarah Marchand- We’re not in Kansas Anymore…

Where to begin?! So much has already happened within the past few days, for one we traveled half way around the world to reach this beautiful destination and it still seems surreal to be here.


First of all, I’m writing from the Little Angel’s College which is our host school. They have provided us with two phenomenal hosts; Laxman and Shristi who have showed us the ropes to Kathmandu. They are so organized and accommodating that I think it’s safe to say we all feel like we are being treated like royalty (I’m going for the Katherine Middleton look myself) . Today we visited the college for the first time and were treated to a spectacular ceremony which included a history of Nepal and different cultural performances by some of the students. I loved the dancing especially, the young girls were so beautiful in their dress and mannerisms. I felt myself beaming uncontrollably throughout the entire ceremony.


Aside from this it is hard to believe we have only been in Kathmandu for one night because we have been SO BUSY! Every day has been jam packed with new experiences and I just keep trying to soak in every new sight, smell and sound. Some (like being up last night with a small bout of typical travelers stomach problems) not as great as others  (literally EVERYTHING else).  Even this crappy experience (haha) has brought good along with it. At Little Angel’s I got to speak to the physician in charge. He confirmed that I was fine but then we had a great conversation about the health care system in Nepal compared to our own. This subject is one that is of great interest to me so needless to say before he had time to wrap up one question I was hammering him with another. He also told me that Kathmandu is not even comparable to the beauty we will witness tomorrow when we travel 6 hours to Pokhara.


This post doesn’t even scrape the tip of the iceberg but I’m finding it hard to focus on a computer when there is so much else going on all around me. Just a few side notes- I love the people that I have been traveling with including the girls, our professors and our hosts. Also, did a bit (well maybe more than just a bit) of shopping yesterday. Hopefully we will be able to do more- I want to bring as much back from this beautiful place as possible!


Pictures to come.. maybe.  If the internet connection at our next hotel is decent I’ll try to drag myself away from the scenery to post some pictures to go along with all of our descriptions. Until then… NAMASTE!!!!!!!!!

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One Response to Sarah Marchand- We’re not in Kansas Anymore…

  1. Sarah, This is all so exciting. The pictures on the blog are amazing! I can’t even imagine the “overload” of sights, sounds and smells. Looking forward to hearing about Pokhara. Off to walk Logan.
    Love you!

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