Nepal day three- Natalie Creem

Today was filled with fun, emotion, and educational learning. We had breakfast at the Summit Hotel and then packed up our stuff to leave for the day and go to a new hotel. We first went to a psychiatric hospital. We were shown a power point about the hospital and about the state of psychiatric institutes in Nepal. We also met with a psychiatrist who works at the hospital and he was very informative and knowledgeable. I learned so many things about psychiatric illnesses in Nepal and how they are working towards helping those in need of such care. There are only 58 psychiatrists in all of Nepal, which has a population of 26 million. I was stunned and saddened by this statistic because I am so used to the U.S where a psychiatrist is just a call away. We were told stories about how communities would cage or lock up people because they were mentally ill and didn’t want them running around. I couldn’t believe that such things occurred here and it was heart breaking to hear. They also showed us around the institution. It was cool to see where they help individuals with mental diseases and how they go about doing so.

Next we went to a temple and did some sight seeing as well as shopping. The temple was absolutely beautiful and it was cool that we could walk around and on it. It was kind of a touristy place so there were tons of shops with lots of cool things as well. After lunch we went to Maiti Nepal, which is an organization for women and children of sex trafficking. The organization works to fight sex trafficking, rescue women and children, rehabilitate them, give them tools to empower them and teach them skills to be independent. We were shown a power point about the organization, what they do and about trafficking. I learned a lot from watching the power point and listening to the speakers. This pulled at my heart strings the most and really affected me. The trafficking industry is horrific and no woman or child should have to suffer from it. We heard a story about a woman who had been trafficked twice. The first time she was trafficked for her kidney and the second time was for sex trafficking. It was such a sad story and really made me sad to hear. I am glad that such programs as the Maiti Nepal exist to help these innocent woman and children.

As you can see its been a long and emotional day and most of us are exhausted. We are currently at little angels college and then are off to our hotel, which is two hours away.

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