Prayer Flags, Natalia Bustamante

A simple concept they are really. They are small cloths, tied together, on a string or rope and they are hung up all over Nepal. They are squares of yellow, white, blue and red and green cotton cloths. On them are prayers, mantras, symbols and scriptures printed. They are hung on temples, on the side of homes, in the streets, in the very tops of buildings we can see them, every vendor in every shop sells them. I had seen prayer flags before coming to Nepal and had a slight idea of what they represented but I was not aware of the powerful meaning and their presence in Nepal. Prayer flags blow in the wind and the people of Nepal who pray with them shower their homes with them. As prayer flags blow in the wind, the strings begin to come undone, this is a symbolic representation for the people of Nepal that their prayers, good wishes, luck, wisdom and fortune will spread over the land. It is a blessing that is blown through the wind. It is a beautiful notion, that each person puts prayer flags out for their homes to be blessed but for others as well. They are hung up high enough that when at the top of a steep hill or elevated you can see prayer flags wrapped in more flags and painting the rooftops of houses for miles. They adorn temples, houses and the streets. They shower Nepal with not only their beauty but with their blessings. Prayer flags are truly a symbol of the simplistic life of the Nepali people but also of their tremendous adoration and showering of love which you feel from each of them as they greet you with a Namaste.

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2 Responses to Prayer Flags, Natalia Bustamante

  1. wendi everton says:

    Hi Natalia and everyone!
    I have seen prayer flags and never knew that the idea is for them to eventually unravel in the wind to spread the blessing. What a lovely and profound sentiment. Please send greetings to all there!

  2. Natalia Bustamante says:

    Hi Dr. Everton,
    They are really beautiful we will have to show you pictures they are everywhere!
    all of us say Namaste!

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