Sarah Marchand- Snapshots of Nepal

It’s 5pm here in Nepal and already I am exhausted. Our days here are packed chock full of so many great experiences I feel as if I’ve been here a week already, and we’re only on day three! Today we visited the first and only psychiatric hospital, Boudha, and Maiti Nepal.

Boudha was beautiful. In the middle of the square there is a huge white stone temple. The top of this temple is made of pure gold and on each of its four sides there are a pair of eyes to signify being connected to Buddha no matter which direction you are coming from. Long strands of colorful prayer flags from the top of this temple to the bottom blow in the wind against the blue sky. All around the temple people come to worship or to shop in the many stores that line the cobblestone streets. Needless to say it is very beautiful.

Maiti Nepal was also very beautiful. I had done some research before the trip and was very interested in human trafficking and the efforts of its founder Anuradha Koirala. This incredible woman was voted CNN’s hero of the year. I’ll attach a link because my description won’t do her justice. Although she wasn’t around today, we sat in on a presentation about human trafficking in Nepal and Maiti Nepal and then got a tour. It is really amazing the magnitude of this organization. They help so many people and spread so much awareness in Nepal and also India where much of the cross country trafficking occurs. I would love to come back to Nepal at some point in my life and volunteer for an organization such as this, specifically with children who have been trafficked.

These are just brief descriptions or our adventures today but everything from the beginning to the end of our days has been beautifully organized by our hosts at the Little Angel College. Later today we are going to take a two hour bus ride to our next hotel in Dhulikel. Although I am completely exhausted there is no way I can rest during the ride because around every bend (or cow or dog or bus) there have been amazing new sights that I want to take into my memory and hold onto forever. Every five seconds of our rides I find myself thinking, “that would be a great picture.” Whether it is a dog basking in the sun in front of a shop, or a man staring out a colorful door deep in thought, or young boys happily walking home from school with their arms draped over each other, or a mother with her infant wrapped in a blanket and secured to her back, or an old woman with wrinkly brown skin and wisdom beyond my understanding in her eyes. Well, you get the picture. Every sight here is something new and amazing. I wish I could hold onto each image so I could savor it forever, but I guess I’ll have to settle for a scrap book of some sorts and thankfully I’ve already taken HUNDREDS of pictures.

We probably won’t have internet for a few days but I think the length of this post makes up for that 🙂 Until then Namaste!

PS- Link to CNN Hero of the year videos…

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One Response to Sarah Marchand- Snapshots of Nepal

  1. Hi Honey,
    I’m so thrilled for you after reading your remarks. What a wonderful experience !!
    I can’t wait to see your pictures. We miss you a lot !!
    Love you lot’s
    xxx ooo

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