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We have done so much in the past few days, and although I would love to write about all of it, I am going to keep it short. Today we went to visit Chhatrapati Free Clinic. The purpose of the clinic is to provide those with healthcare who potentially can not afford it. They offer everything from but dental care, ear nose and throat service, x-ray, ultrasound, free polio vaccinations, free medical care to senior citizens, and free health care to street children and poor students. What was so unique about his clinic was it all started off of the equivalent of 1 US dollar. It is funded off of donations and if they can afford it clients pay a small fee. This money goes to paying the doctor of visit and keeping the generator running. The president who took time out of his day to speak to us has volunteered for years as many others, on top of having a salary job to live. People put a lot of hard work, effort and support to keep it going. They have no financial support of the government, but were recently recognized for being a phenomenal non profit clinic for over 50 years and were presented with a postage stamp honoring them. It is inspiring to see the people who hold this clinic together by dedicating their free time to helping those in need. We have visited many other places dealing with both health and social issues here in Nepal. We have learned so much with everything from mental health issues, human trafficking and the consequences of both, although some heartbreaking things are going on here, it brings out the huge hearts of the local communities and depicts how helpful and generous many of those here are. this inspires me even more so to want to help others in different types of communities. Although I come from somewhere where we have a lot, and have great education, I still feel as if I have learned so much here. I have seen how in these communities everything is not so money driven and hectic and that is something we all could learn from.
On a lighter side, we had gotten to take a hike to a tower with a beautiful view. I enjoy hiking at home but I think this hike in Nepal will put the others to shame back home. Along the paths we got to see how a majority of Nepalese people live. We passed by their houses, which were bare and limited yet had so much charm as we would see the family standing outside with their cows and goats just enjoying each others company. Passing by one of the houses we were warmly welcomed by three young boys waving and smiling at us out the window. The sense of a collective community is so strong here and it is something I enjoy the most.
We have done so much the past few days I wish I could write about all of it, instead here are some pictures!<a


We have done so much in the past few days and I can finally upload some of my pictures for you all to see!

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  1. Chris Dougan says:

    Jaclyn you are soooooooooooooooo in your element!
    Love you

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