Stacee Hansen – “Sometimes I wish I could fly” – Melissa

It was 4:15am when a man from the hotel we were staying at came to our window and knocked, waking us up to see the sunrise. Normally at home waking up at 4:15am would be absolutely dreadful but I could not get out of my sleep sack fast enough. Sarah and I stumbled onto our front porch to see the orange glow hovering above the mountains. In the bungalow over Missy and Natalia invited us over to watch with them. We walked over and stood on the porch watching the sun come up higher and higher. The entire time I was standing there I couldn’t help thinking to myself that this image is once in a life time and I am so lucky to have been able to see it. All of us stood there trading stories and laughing about our experiences so far. The laughing stops and Melissa breaks the silence with “Sometimes I wish I could fly.”I mean, who wouldn’t want to soar over these mountains.  The entire sunrise ended around 5:45am and we all dragged our feet back to our room to catch a little more shut eye before starting the day.

Yesterday was a very slow day but it was MUCH needed. We have been on high speed since we got here. We had the entire afternoon off so a few us gathered on one balcony, spread out a comforter and lounged. We looked at the views and shared stories about our live back home. I even managed to nap a little in the sun, tucked up in the mountains of Dhiulkel.

Following our long afternoon off we all gathered for a hike up a mountain. On our way up we stopped at a temple for Shiva. We entered, but only after we removed our shoes. We got to explore the temple and meet the Brahmin Guru who tends to the temple. As we were about to depart he came out to us and gave us all a single prayer bead. These kind of things only happy in movies, it is unreal.

On our trek back down we were able to experience the “real nepal” where families provide for themselves by having their own farms. We saw kinds carrying water in jugs up the hill to give to their families. We came across a day old baby goat (which I was lucky enough to hold). We saw three little boys hanging out the top floor window of a two story house telling us we were beautiful.

All of these experiences are unreal and everyday I have to tell myself this is really happening. Not only are all of these experiences effecting me but the other people on the trip too. These experiences are really bringing us closer and we will always have this to bond us together.

Everyday I am thankful for choosing to go on this trip.

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