Natalie -day four and five

I just wrote a whole blog and it got deleted so this one won’t be as long, sorry! Yesterday was a relaxed day and we were all happy because we have been so busy and doing so much! We went to our hotel called high view resort and it did indeed have some amazing views! We went to the University of Kathmandu. The University is the largest in all of Nepal. The University was closed so we were given a tour of the outside and told about the University. The University has undergrad as well as graduate classes. After we had a meeting for the six girls who took the class before we left to discuss the trip and our final paper. Next we went on an amazing trek/hike in the middle mountains. We were able to see Nepalese people in their environment and how they do things on a daily basis. It was great to finally see and experience being apart of their life and how they do things. I was amazed at how they carried heavy things like water up hills with ease. I don’t think id be able to do that for ten feet! Seeing that gave me great appreciation for them and made me realize how spoiled we are. We also got to see amazing views of the Himalayas and white cap mountains.

Today we walked 1100 steps up to see a statue of budda. From our hotel room we could see him as a small speck, but he was huge in person! The walk up was difficult, but it was so worth the views and seeing budda! After we packed up and headed to the monkey temple. There were so many monkeys everywhere! My favorite was the baby monkeys with their mothers, they were so cute! We gave them food and they grabbed it from our hands, it was such a cool experience! Next we went to a free clinic. We were welcomed by the staff and brought up to a room where we were told about the history of the clinic and everything about the clinic. I was amazed that all of the people who run the clinic are volunteers. It is wonderful to see people giving back to the community. I was also amazed at how the clinic was started with 10 rupees, which equals one U.S. dollar. The clinic has come so far since it opened in 1957. The clinic runs on donations and small payments from patients who can afford it. The clinic is a wonderful place and is so helpful to those who can’t afford to get health care.

We are now at little angels college and will be having dinner here. Tomorrow we are off on a six hour drive to Pokhara for two days. I am so happy to be here and experiencing all of these amazing things! We still have so much to do and I can’t wait!

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