Nicole Johnson- halfway there

I can’t believe that it is halfway through our trip! We have done so much already in just 5 days. Yesterday was our first slow and relaxing day so far. We woke up in the morning and watched the sun rise over the mountains. That was really amazing. We also were able to see some of the snow caps on the mountains in the distance if we looked hard. We then went to breakfast and from there went to Kathmandu University and looked around. It is the only private University in Nepal and the hospital. It was really interesting to see the academic establishments that are in Nepal. From there went back to the hotel and had some down time and lunch. We were able to sit out on our balcony and just talk to each other and enjoy the view and the weather. There was a party going on on the roof of one of the buildings that we got to watch. They have some great taste in music as they were listening to Shakira and Vengaboys. The Nepalese sure do know how to party! We were dancing to the music on our balcony and they were dancing with us on the roof. We went for a hike later on in the evening and were able to see some amazing views. We also were able to see how most of the population lives in the country side. We came across the temple for Shiva and were given prayer beads by a Brahman Guru, which has a great significance. At dinner we had our own dance party and listened to some Nepalese music. Great way to spend day!

Today is our 5th day in Nepal. We had breakfast and after that we climbed 1,000 stairs in order to see a Buddha figure. Yes, 1,000 stairs but it was worth it. We also went to see a free clinic where we were warmly welcomed. There is a large volunteer base that make it work. it has been up and running for over 50 years. Quite impressive.

There has been so many things going on in this first half of the trip to be able to write every detail. There have been some bonds made and it is not over yet. 5 more days and counting and a lot more wonderful experiences to be had. Until next time all!

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