Home Safe and Sound- Carlos Escoto

We had some internet issues and could not blog for the last few days of the trip. However, more blogs and photos will be posted in the coming days.

We arrived into JFK at 6:15 after a 14 hour flight from Delhi and and 11 hour lay over at the airport there. We were all grateful for the little things that we take for granted every day. Key among them water.

This was a phenonemal experience for both myself and the students. This trip was the most rewarding experience In my 15 years of teaching. I had an incredible group of students who never complained whether there was hot water or not or whether we were in a “nice” hotel or a not so nice hotel. There was not 1 disagreement and the student’s behavior made me and ECSU proud. Most important, the students learned many things.

We all left behind clothes for Maryknoll Nepal, a non-government run psychiatric facility. We also made a financial donation to this very valuable care faclity. On top of this, we made a donation in the name of our coordinator at Little Angels College Shristi Limbu that will cover the medication costs for 1 month for 10 patients.

Thank you to everyone for reading and commenting. We are in the planning stages of a trip back to Nepal in 2012.

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