Carol O. – Our trip home

None of us were looking forward to the long, long, long trip home.  Being with this group, though, made it much more enjoyable.  We found an area at the newly built Indira Gandhi Airport where we camped out for 11 hours.  There were some upscale shops for browsing, and several types of restaurants, including a McDonald’s that served chicken but no hamburgers.  Sarah braided everyone’s hair and even got Natalie to try her hand at braiding. Stacee had the foresight to bring playing cards and beat Melissa over and over again 🙂  Barbara had a nice conversation with the luggage department, attempting to find her forgotten bag. We were happy to finally board the plane headed to JFK and some of us actually slept a little during the 13.5 hour flight. Since the conditions in Nepal, such as sometimes having to shower with cold water (brrrr!), forced me to move out of my comfort zone, I had a more relaxed attitude about the whole ordeal. My first stop after leaving ECSU was at Dunkin’ Donuts for coffee and a bagel, although I would have rather had milk coffee in Nepal!

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