Sydney Price- The 9 days that changed everything for me…

I need to start off by saying that summarizing this trip into one, brief blog post is absolutely impossible. I’ve been home about five days now, and still when people ask me to tell them about all that we did and saw in Nepal I am unable to give an adequate answer. Not because we didn’t see or do anything of importance, but because we did too MUCH. I find my mind racing during moments like these where I think about telling one story, and halfway through that thought I have another about something different I want to talk about, and right then I’ll think of something ELSE (and so on and so forth). It’s like the vastness of all that I learned and experienced comes cascading down on me and leaves me tongue tied, because I truly have NO idea where to begin. That’s probably why I put off writing this final post… I feel like I just don’t have the words necessary to convey how incredible and life changing those nine days in Nepal really were.

(incomplete, will finish in the morning!)

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