Estimated Costs

Estimated Costs
Non-refundable deposit/administrative fee
due March 1, 2011 $240.00
Air fare (round trip JFK-Kathmandu) $1,650.00
Ground transportation to JFK (per person) $90.00
Visa fee $40.00
Room and board, meals (breakfast and dinner),
Transportation, Sightseeing (museums) $900.00
TOTAL $2,920.00
All costs are based on estimates as of November 2010. Some costs (air fare,
ground transportation) may be adjusted (+/-) depending on factors such
as number of students signed up for the course and group discounts for air.
NOTE: Scholarships up to $1,000.00 are available to support travel
costs, tuition, and other fees. Awards will be based on financial need,
merit, and number of applications received. Application information is
available on the Continuing Education website at http://continuingeducation. Applications for
scholarships are due by February 1, 2011.
Travel Inoculations
For malaria pills, meningitis and oral typhoid consult your Eastern
student health services clinicians.

Posted by Barbara L. Williams,

Eastern Connecticut State University, University Trainer/Instructor


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